Saucy Focaccia

Meet Paul and Alycia. They are on a mission to bring upscale fast food to the Corridor. With Paul’s vast restaurant experience and Alycia service background they are combining their passions to provide you a great dining experience. Their slogan says it all. It’s all about the bread and the sauce. Paul and Alycia feel like the key to a great sandwich starts with some fantastic fresh baked bread and ends with some delicious homemade sauce. Eight years ago, it became clear to Paul that he wanted to have his own restaurant. He started working in the food industry to give him the foundation to run the business. During that time the menu and concept was developed. When the time was right, Paul, Alycia and their three kids (Mikail, Mikenzie and Riley) opened a food truck on the SW side of Cedar Rapids. When the opportunity arose they were certain the NewBo City Market was the next step in their journey. Paul loves the Chili Cheesy Fries because every time he makes it, he gets hungry. Alycia’s favorite is the Walnut Cranberry Chicken Salad. It’s fresh and light but so satisfying. When you believe a great sandwich starts with the bread and ends with the sauce it felt like it was only appropriate to put it in the name.

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