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Torch Kitchen Co. LLC, est. 2021, is a family-operated restaurant based in Cedar Rapids, Iowa at NewBo City Market. With a unique and inclusive menu of bite-sized crave cuisine, Torch's owner, Kyle has catapulted Torch Kitchen into quickly becoming a local favorite.

The menu includes a wide assortment of items such as bison sliders, vegan friendly snacks, fries, and more. Among one of their most popular items is their famous HodgePodge Fries which consists of crispy golden fries, cheese blend, smoked bacon, chives, banana peppers, and HodgePodge dip (a creamy house ranch/sour cream & onion sauce). Customers have also traveled near and far to get Torch's salmon Rangoons with Firefly Jam!

Come try Torch Kitchen Co. and get your tastebuds satisfied with some delicious and speedy cuisine!

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