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Artisan's Emporium

Karen and Cheryl were guest vendors from the start at NewBo City Market. One fateful Saturday, they were placed next to each other, and developed a friendship that continued to grow. Years later they were presented a proposal to occupy a permanent space to bring more artisanal products to the market.  And now, here they are!


For Karen, it’s her children’s clothes. There’s a touch of nostalgia and whimsy in her classic designs that are fast becoming hard to find elsewhere. 

For Cheryl, it’s the wraps and scarves made from hand-dyed wools spun by local spinners. The pieces are always unique, beautiful, and one of a kind.  Cheryl doesn’t frequently use patterns, so the chances of  replicating one of her creations is slim—they’re like wearable works of art.

The name “The Artisan’s Emporium” describes the nature of their offerings. “We are all artists— whether we’re creating clothing or jewelry or home décor—it’s all done by skilled artisans from the region.”

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