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Becoming a Shopkeeper at NewBo City Market.

Our Shopkeepers are the heart of NewBo City Market. They are a community of entrepreneurs, developing both their products and skills to scale up and launch new businesses throughout Eastern Iowa. With every successful venture comes the opportunity for new businesses to open inside the Market, so we are constantly searching for that “next big thing at NewBo.” If that is you, please fill out the application form linked below and we will be in touch!

Beginning in 2021, NewBo City Market launched The Hatchery, a new Entrepreneurial Development program and expansion of our Business Incubator.


This program helps underserved residents of our local community who want to start a food or retail business by reducing barriers to entry and giving them the tools with which to thrive within an entrepreneurial setting. 


Grants are available for participants of this program and are received in the form of a rent discount for participants who become Shopkeepers at NewBo City Market. There are three main components, or grant requirements, that we hope will offer support to start-ups and help build stronger businesses; personalized business development guidance, vital sign check-ins, and continuing business education.

The Hatchery White Logo.png

To learn more about becoming a part of The Hatchery, complete the application form linked below!

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