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Elevate. Cultivate. Celebrate. 

NewBo City Market was originally envisioned by community leaders in Cedar Rapids as a way to revitalize a community devastated by disaster after the 2008 flood. With a larger green space, a stage, an educational community kitchen, and a large indoor event space, NewBo City Market has helped to foster the community vitality and recreation that was necessary to economically develop an entire neighborhood.

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The Market plans and executes over 300 community events each year and incubates nearly 300 small businesses through providing business mentorship and physical space. Each year, over 500,000 people visit the Market to shop, eat, and enjoy free programming and educational classes. The Market has become a centerpiece to Cedar Rapids, the second largest city in Iowa, in its twelve-year existence. As we look ahead to the next ten years, we choose to respond—as we always have—to the greatest needs of our community. This has prompted us to design the Next Level Local Capital Campaign—a targeted expansion that will increase our business incubation, local food access, and public events capacity.

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First Level Features

A Grocery Store for the New Bohemia District

Our grocery store will be open 7 days a week and will provide the New Bohemia District, and the surrounding neighborhoods, with a much-needed supplier of fresh healthy grocery staples. Our goal will be to incubate local farmers and entrepreneurs through a wholesale model while providing affordable and necessary items for our community. SNAP and Double Up Food Bucks will be accepted.


If you're interested in becoming the Market's new grocery store operator, you can find out more information HERE. If you'd like to submit a proposal you can click HERE.

The deadline to submit is Monday, July 15. 

New Shopkeeper Spaces: Open 7 Days A Week 

We’re adding up to ten new Shopkeepers to NewBo City Market. The new Shopkeeper spaces will be open 7 days a week and will comprise a mix of new and existing businesses. With this addition, the Market can now incubate businesses at all stages of their growth journey- from early-stage weekend pop-up vendors to 4 days a week, and eventually 7 days a week - this model helps shepherd a business to the point of graduation from the Market more gradually and sustainably.  

NewBo Bar Expanded

The NewBo Bar will be relocated across to the west side of the Market and will be completely renovated, with a fresh new look. The best part? The bar will now have pass-through service to the front patio. That means during events like Rock the Block, you’ll have more options to get a refreshing drink from the bar.  

Elevator, Going Up

We're installing a glass elevator in Rotary Hall, ensuring that everyone can access our new second level in style. This glass elevator will delight children and adults alike as a focal point in Rotary Hall that draws the community to our new public events space. Get ready to elevate your experience! 

Second Floor_4x.png

Second Level Features

A Family Sanctuary

The Family Sanctuary aims to provide a tranquil environment tailored for families with nursing infants, young children, and visitors seeking a sensory-reduced environment in the often-busy Market. 

Delta Dental Therapy Clinic

The Delta Dental Therapy Clinic will be home to the Market's first resident therapist. This individual will provide mental health services to the community right from the comfort of NewBo City Market. This therapist will also give Market Shopkeepers and staff access to mental health services at no cost thanks to the Delta Dental Foundation. Our clinic will also be home to Mount Mercy students enrolled in the Master of Arts in Marriage & Family Therapy program who will offer low-cost therapy services and free mental health public programming.  

The ImOn Recording Studio

We're thrilled to announce a dynamic addition to the Market, set to become a resource for budding podcasters and creators alike. This space promises to elevate NewBo City Market as a creative and entrepreneurial hub through technological innovation and access.  

The CRBT Stage 

With the upcoming second level expansion, all indoor events will be relocated upstairs! This enhanced space will showcase the CRBT Stage, a specially designed acoustic performance area and indoor stage generously sponsored by Cedar Rapids Bank & Trust. Funding has also been provided by the National Endowment for the Arts to design visually stunning acoustic treatments for the walls and ceiling. We can’t wait to celebrate the arts with year-round indoor performances. 

A New Culinary & Processing Kitchen

In the past, our kitchen space has been a versatile hub for hosting classes, meetings, and various events. With our kitchen relocating upstairs, we are excited to expand our capacity to cultivate local farmers and suppliers. Stocked with state-of-the-art equipment funded by the United States Department of Agriculture, this new location will offer producers enhanced access to processing and distribution channels, further benefiting the community food system. 

A Huge New Boardroom

The boardroom is moving upstairs, providing increased space, enhanced amenities, and greater accessibility for public reservations every day of the week. Whether you're arranging a meeting, private event, or any other gathering, our new sound-proof boardroom is at your service. Plus, it's perfect for booking private chef tastings with Market Shopkeepers and seamlessly connects to the upstairs bar and balcony, ideal for that stylish birthday party you've been dreaming of. 

NewBo Bar Upstairs

Alongside the renovation and relocation of our downstairs bar, we're excited to introduce an additional bar on our second level. This new addition is strategically designed to accommodate increased foot traffic and ensure ample refreshment options for our events and visitors. 

Two Balconies for Enjoying 

We're incorporating balconies overlooking the Market Yard, offering extra seating and a fresh perspective to enjoy the neighborhood's beauty. Picture yourself sipping a Market Lager while soaking in the music of Rock the Block. These balconies are destined to be the best seats in the house! 

We can't make this expansion happen without YOUR SUPPORT!

If you'd like to contribute to NewBo City Market's "Next Level Local" Capital Campaign, you can click below:

Checks can be made payable to:
NewBo City Market | 1100 3rd St SE | Cedar Rapids, IA 52401

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