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10 Years of NewBo City Market

In the late 1800s the warehouse where NewBo City Market now stands was once an agricultural and manufacturing hub that stood for over a century and was later named "Quality Chef Foods." In 2008, Cedar Rapids was hit with a massive flood that devastated 10-square-miles of the city's downtown. After the disaster, a group of concerned citizens asked Project for Public Spaces to help create a new public market to bring the city's core back to life and create a regional destination.


With the help of volunteers, city officials, and local citizens of Linn county, they were able to make this dream a reality and Cedar Rapids City Market was the chosen name for the Market at the time. In 2012, after word began to spread about the construction of this new venture, applications from many entrepreneurs started to pour in, hoping for an opportunity to launch their business.


Eventually, the Market received over 300 applications during this time. After the renovation process was complete, the Market finalized their lineup of small businesses that would have a spot in the new building. The Market featured over 20 permanent tenants, space for temporary food and high-end craft vendors, an event space, a commercial kitchen, and a wholesale distribution space.

Since the inception of the Market in 2012, it's seen tremendous growth in it's free programming, small business incubation, and sustainable business practices. As a nonprofit, NewBo City Market hosts over 300 events a year including Rock the Block, Meet Me at the Market, Friday Night Bingo, Food Truck Tuesday, Frightening Fridays, and much more!


These programs are tools used to encourage local spending, support for small business incubation, and increase foot traffic in the New Bohemia District. Today, we celebrate the accomplishments and achievements of the past, present, and future of NewBo City Market. Cheers to celebrating 10 years!

































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