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COVID-19 Precautions at the Market

The NewBo City Market would like to let all of our valued patrons and supporters know that we are taking the current Covid-19 virus outbreak very seriously. We are implementing extensive sanitation efforts in order to keep the Market a clean and safe space for all who walk through its doors. 


We have done this by increasing the cleaning and sanitizing frequency of the all public areas of the Market, monitoring closely the health of our staff and volunteers and enforcing a strict stay home policy for anyone showing any symptoms of illness and providing a hand sanitizing station for guest and staff use.

We have also outlined prevention guidelines for all our Shopkeepers and vendors, as we slowly begin to reopen the Market.

What are the guidelines for Vendors at NewBo City Market?

Shopkeepers MUST:

  1. Wear face-masks, gloves and replace them when needed.

  2. Adhere to all rules & guidelines as required by the State of Iowa and the Linn County Health Department.

  3. Enforce a strict stay home policy for anyone showing any symptoms of illness.

  4. Maintain social distancing within the tent/vendor area (10x10’) as necessary and appropriate to CDC guidelines.

  5. Only allow essential staff on-site.

  6. Limit patron contact with product by using single use bags or containers.

Shopkeepers are also encouraged to:​

  1. Promote pre-orders, via e-commerce sites, phone or messaging systems.

  2. Perform cashless transactions with credit cards or online payment transfers.

  3. Clean vendor surfaces frequently with soap and water.

What guidelines should patrons follow when visiting NewBo City Market?

All Iowans have a responsibility to mitigate the impact of this public health crisis while revitalizing the local, national and global economy & community.

Please take these guidelines into consideration when visiting NBCM:

  • Wear face coverings. They are now required inside the Market, unless seated at a table.

  • Avoid crowding and shop at a safe distance of six or more feet from other shoppers.

  • Use single-use bags only, leaving reusable bags at home.

  • Use exact change, card or online payment system as requested by vendor and consider pre-orders and payments.

Our staff has supplied the Shopkeepers with guidelines, as well as posted reminders for the public within Rotary Hall. It is the responsibility of all to follow these guidelines, with patience and understanding.

For the most up-to-date information from the Centers for Disease Control click here.

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