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Celebrate with us and support local businesses

In 2021 NewBo City Market welcomed 10 new shopkeepers, 5 of whom will receive over $20,000 in rental discounts to encourage diverse and equitable entrepreneurship as a part of the Hatchery Program.

The Market has also provided over $1,500 in discounts for diverse guest vendors and student entrepreneurs in just the past 2 months alone. The Market's staff spends time each day to mentor all these individuals.

For example, the Market's Executive Director spends hours working with Shopkeepers and Guest Vendors on their business plans and our Director of Development visits Metro High School to review student business plans. These entrepreneurs are the heart of the Market.

Our team knows this community needs diverse and thriving small businesses now more than ever, and we cannot remain stagnant. Our community’s needs are changing and so is the Market, but it all adds up.

We Can’t Be in it Alone

Fundraisers, donations, and grants are the only way this work remains feasible. NewBo City Market's annual Bash is your opportunity to help our nonprofit business incubator continue providing these amazing programs and resources. We need you and our community to invest in entrepreneurship. We cannot do this without you.

What can $50 cover at the Market?

  • the cost of one student booth rental discount for a young entrepreneur

  • OR two discounts for diverse guest vendors

  • OR the staff time for a meeting with a Hatchery Shopkeeper

By simply purchasing a ticket to NewBo Bash, you will be making a difference in a local entrepreneur's journey.

At NewBo Bash, we will be celebrating all of our Shopkeepers, past and present.

Will we see you at NewBo Bash?

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