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Oja and Amana Colonies Bakery Open at the Market

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

NewBo City Market has added new businesses to its roster of talented Market Shopkeepers

Kwai Butler of Oja
Kwai Butler, owner of Oja and the 2023 Linn Area Credit Union Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year.

Oja, which is owned and operated by Kwai Butler, the 2023 Linn Area Credit Union Emerging Entrepreneur of the Year, has put in tremendous effort to establish her business in the past few months. From crafting a captivating brand to fine-tuning operations, she has also curated an amazing selection of Korean cuisine.

Check out her delicious Bibimbap or the flavorful Bulgogi Wrap, among many other delightful options on their menu. Come by the Market to welcome Kwai to the community and taste one of Oja's fantastic offerings.

Victoria and Dan Kirby
Amana Colonies Bakery's Shopkeepers, Victoria and Dan Kirby

Amana Colonies Bakery and Cafe also recently opened a location at the Market. The bakery's Shopkeepers, Victoria and Dan Kirby, are now serving up their delectable creations at the Market.

From tasty snickerdoodles and monster cookies to delicious strudels and cinnamon rolls, Amana Colonies Bakery offers a wide range of baked goods that will leave you craving more. And let's not forget their amazing selection of freshly baked bread.

As NewBo City Market Shopkeeper’s these businesses will connect with thousands of customers each and every week.

Shopkeepers like these are the heart of the Market. They are a community of entrepreneurs, developing both their products and skills to scale up and launch new businesses throughout Eastern Iowa. With every successful venture comes the opportunity for new businesses to open inside the Market, so we are constantly searching for that “next big thing at NewBo.”

Are you ready to start your business at NewBo City Market? Click here to get started!

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