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Return to the Market — The Full Bowl

This week in the "Return to the Market" series, we spoke with Wes Shirley, owner of The Full Bowl, a vegan and vegetarian eatery inside the NewBo City Market.

Wes is no stranger to change. He began The Full Bowl in a transition period in his life and has been serving up delicious dishes at the Market ever since.

"There's always that thought 'if the thing that you want in the world doesn't exist go create it," Wes said in an interview. "I thought, 'I'll go create the thing I want' and started to develop the idea of The Full Bowl..."

You may have seen Wes's cooking classes pop up in the Market's Friday Night schedule every now and then. He is a wonderful teacher of all things vegan and also the lead singer of The Poor Poor Rich, who performed at Rock the Block this season.

To learn more about Wes, his return to the Market and The Full Bowl you can watch his Return to the Market episode here.

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Nicholson Percy
Nicholson Percy
Apr 26

Wes has been through a lot of changes space bar clicker. During a time of personal growth, he launched The Full Bowl, and since then, he's been providing the Market with mouthwatering fare.

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