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Weekly classes support local entrepreneurs and engage community at NewBo City Market

Every Friday night, the Kirkwood Culinary Kitchen inside NewBo City Market becomes a space for learning, exploring and connecting with local entrepreneurs who have knowledge to share.

The Market's Friday Night Classes bring in artisans, bakers, cooks, and crafters as class instructors. Each class is unique and each instructor develops lesson plans based on their expertise.

Katie Eichenberger, the artist behind Eichenpaint, began teaching classes recently, after two years of being a guest vendor at the Market.

"NewBo’s teaching space is the ideal set up for me and my students," she said. "Plenty of room for supplies, large sinks and tables, excellent instructor’s and student space. Plus, students can grab a cold beer at the NewBo bar, a hot coffee at Roasters, or something to eat while they paint. It’s a place that easily lends itself to socializing and fun."

Katie teaches regular painting classes and many of her students return time and time again, and so does she.

"I keep coming back because I feel at home at NewBo," she said. "The people that work at there are kind, flexible, and have the same goal: to help local creatives flourish."

Taken before mask mandate. Masks are now required at the Market.

Sandrine Wallace, owner of French Pastry by Sandrine, is another instructor that returns regularly to teach French cooking and baking classes at the Market.

"The professional kitchen is great to use, attendees are always very motivated to learn and even though it's a different group each time, the class is always a great turn out," she said. "I love sharing my passion for food and baking, and attendees are always very receptive to that."

NewBo City Market is currently searching for unique instructors to expand the offerings of Friday Night Classes. Instructors are paid and can set their own ticket price and lesson plan for each class. Many entrepreneurs see this as a chance to reach a new audience and share their passion.

If you are interested in becoming an instructor at NewBo City Market email to get started!

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Quintan Barnes
Quintan Barnes
Oct 22, 2023

Weekly classes at NewBo City Market are a fantastic resource for local entrepreneurs. These sessions not only offer valuable support but also foster a sense of community engagement. Just as you sought assistance with your academic work from a reliable service like Same Day Essay, these classes serve as a lifeline for budding business owners, helping them thrive and connect with their local community.

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