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How does NewBo City Market support small local businesses in your community?

As a small business incubator, NewBo City Market supports dozens of entrepreneurs at every stage of their journey. Here are just a few of the things we provide to the local entrepreneurs who open their businesses at NewBo City Market.

Community Events and Programs

Each year, NewBo City Market hosts hundreds of events and programs.

The purpose of these events is not only to bring our community together in one welcoming gathering space, but also to encourage the patronage of our Shops within the Market.

One-on-One Mentorship

Weekly check-ins are a part of The Hatchery program but all of the Market's Shopkeepers have access to mentorship from our very own Executive Director, Julie Parisi.

As a past business owner herself, Julie is passionate about making personal connections with the entrepreneurs who start their businesses at the Market.

Building Upkeep and Upgrades

At NewBo City Market, local entrepreneurs can start their businesses at a fraction of the cost of a traditional brick-and-mortar.

In addition to subsidized rent, NewBo City Market takes care of the building's maintenance, from providing janitorial services to up-keeping the Market Yard and upgrading amenities as needed.

As a nonprofit organization NewBo City Market relies on generous donations from individual donors to continue these efforts.

When you donate to the Shopkeeper Kickback, $1 of every $5 donated will be directly "kicked back" to our Shopkeepers as a rent discount. The rest of your donation will go toward the Market's continuing efforts to support local small businesses throughout the year!

Help us reach our goal and support small businesses in our community today!

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