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Welcome The Barkery; our newest Shopkeeper

After several years of guest vending at NewBo City Market, The Barkery opened its permanent Shopkeeper space on November 18, 2021.

Stephanie Riffey, who owns and operates The Barkery, started making healthy dog treats out of her home when she became tired of worrying about the impact dog treats could have on her dogs' health.

"I love making and creating things," Stephanie said. "This just fit in well with my love of dogs too."

After developing pup-approved recipes, the business began to grow.

"People get excited about healthy treats for their dogs," she said. "When I started vending at NewBo I thought this would be a great place for that next step as a business."

The Barkery features a variety of dog treats, pet accessories and gifts for dog lovers.

As a NewBo City Market Shopkeeper, Stephanie and her business will connect with thousands of customers each and every week.

Shopkeepers like her are the heart of the Market. They are a community of entrepreneurs, developing both their products and skills to scale up and launch new businesses throughout Eastern Iowa. With every successful venture comes the opportunity for new businesses to open inside the Market, so we are constantly searching for that “next big thing at NewBo.”

Are you ready to start your business at NewBo City Market? Click here to get started!

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Sep 02, 2023

It's just incredible, I'm so happy for you that you were able to open your little shop, if I may say so, because it's not an easy business and I know what it's like to open your own business. But thank God it was a little bit easier for me, because with the help of the Match Center, I raised a pretty good capital and didn't experience any serious difficulties, so I'm very grateful to them. And I am sincerely happy for you, because starting your own business is always such a joyful and exciting moment, so congratulations.


May 18, 2023

Very cool story, in general, your blog radiates this positive and strong energy, which is very encouraging. And this story reminds me of when I was a kid and my mum owned an apple shop, and I write my essay on this topic, saying what a great mum I have, who can do anything. It's very cool when a person follows their dreams, even if the path to that dream is very difficult. My mum is an example for me of how hard work and belief in yourself can turn your dreams into reality.

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