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Having moved to Iowa from Oregon, where he got is PhD, Wes’s initial plan was to start a food truck.  But an opportunity to teach at Kirkwood and other colleges in the area derailed that plan for a couple of years.  Now he is doing the thing he planned on doing years ago, starting a rice and bean eatery, but in NewBo City Market rather than a food truck.

Rice and beans provide the basis for exploring a world of cuisine, as it is a dish that is both universal and particular.  Just about every cuisine in the world has their version of rice and beans, and yet each is unique in flavor, texture and presentation.  Rice and beans is also a staple food for billions of people around the world, as rice and beans together provide a complete protein, and is an important source of nutrients.

Wes is excited to be part of the NewBo community, with its commitment to sustainability.  A plant based diet is one of the best ways to lower our environmental footprint, and The Full Bowl is proud to be a part of that effort.  The Full Bowl will also do its best to source its ingredients locally, and use organic produce whenever possible.

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