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Return to the Market – Roasters Coffee House

On this episode of "Return to the Market" we spoke with Amanda Steines, owner of Roasters Coffee House! She said she is grateful for the way the community and NewBo City Market has supported her business through these tough times.

Amanda removed her mask for this interview only. Masks are now required within the Market.

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Monika Gren
Monika Gren
Jul 28, 2023

Great video! I like it. Although many people think that the number of views is directly related to the quality of the content, I pay special attention to the use of video captioning and there are many reasons for this. Some of them are that, like subtitles improve comprehension, subtitles increase viewer engagement by increasing social media reach. In addition, not everyone speaks the language in which the video was filmed, right? English is by far the most spoken language on the internet, but I never forget the huge audience that speaks Chinese, Spanish, German or Arabic. Therefore, I recommend taking this into account. To do this, I always study audience segments and add subtitles in several of the most…

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