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Meet the Team: Brad Klinger, Market & Facilities Manager

As a nonprofit business incubator and event space, NewBo City Market relies on its dedicated staff members to continue its mission.

Get to know Brad Klinger, Market & Facilities Manager:

When did you start working at the Market?

"Initially in October of 2019. However, due to events of the last year, we had to part ways for a little while. I've been back for a couple weeks now, and am thrilled at the chance to be part of the Market again."

Tell us about your experiences at the Market before you started working here.

"Food, mostly. Take a look at me and it's not hard to see I'm a guy that loves a good meal and it has always been a joy to get to try new things and have a taste of the incredible experiences available at Newbo. The diversity of shopkeepers here really makes it a delectable journey to enjoy."

What is your favorite part about working at the Market?

"Did I say the food already? Being a part of a cultural center here in Cedar Rapids makes working here feel immeasurably rewarding. In the shops, events, and people that pass through you really get a sense of all the wondrous variety of people that call themselves Iowans."

What is your go-to lunch spot at the Market?

"Oh you're going to make me pick one, hm? While I am looking forward to working my way through the menus of our newest shopkeepers, I will say that the bleu cheese and caramelized onion pizza from Aroma has a special place in my tummy."

Which retail shop do you frequent the most at the Market?

"Artisan's Emporium has such an eclectic variety of things, and all of them are amazing. Whether I'm looking for a special gift, a neat knick-knack, or something fun for my son, they always seem to have the right thing. Although my wife is loving the shirt she got from Not Anything Specific, and is looking forward to her next chance to visit the Tiny Yarn Shop."

What is your favorite event that happens at the Market?

"I think the Rocky Horror Picture Show screening was definitely one of the most fun events I've been here for. I'm also a big fan of our Guest Vendor markets. Not only because I handle them again, but also because it's neat to get even more fascinating things in to see and help folks get their small business dreams started.."

What do you like to do outside of work?

"Go out to parks with my son, or take long walks around my neighborhood. Sometimes I just like driving around and taking scenic routes to places."

Come visit Brad, and all of our amazing Shopkeepers, at the NewBo City Market.

If you'd like to be even more involved with everything the Market does, consider donating and becoming a Friend of the Market today!

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