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Meet the Team: Dan Stolley, Director of Programming

As a nonprofit business incubator and event space, NewBo City Market relies on its dedicated staff members to continue its mission.

Get to know Dan Stolley, Director of Programming:

When did you start working at the Market?

"I started in May 2021! As we come out of a period with limited events with reduced activities and attendance capacities, it is the perfect time to join this organization to bring back popular events and begin new programs to spark interest in coming down to the Market to see what is going on every weekend."

What is your favorite part about working at the Market?

"The community of NewBo, from the Shopkeepers inside to the local organizations hosting events here, has been very energetic and positive about bringing the area back together after a year of challenge for many local businesses. To coordinate a variety of programs to engage the community in our mission as they live, work and play at the Market makes every day different and rewarding."

What is your go-to lunch spot at the Market?

"I can never turn down a fresh pepperoni pizza from Aroma Artisan Pizza. On busy event days, it's great to parcel out some slices throughout the day with an iced mocha from Roasters."

Which retail shop do you frequent the most at the Market?

"I like to visit Not Anything Specific to see the new clothing styles and options they have on display."

What is your favorite event that happens at the Market?

"Any of the local cultural events or festivals held here - Juneteenth, Pride, and more! It is very rewarding to be able to host events that not only entertain the community but bring a spotlight to the different cultures that make NewBo a special area to visit."

What do you like to do outside of work?

"I love growing my plant family, going to trivia nights, going to the movies at FilmScene in Iowa City, and doing some traveling around the country."

Come visit Dan, and all of our amazing Shopkeepers, at the NewBo City Market.

If you'd like to be even more involved with everything the Market does, consider donating and becoming a Friend of the Market today!

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