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NewBo City Market Announces New Position

NewBo City Market is excited to announce a newly added position to its team, Director of Equitable Business Development. The Director will work with the Market’s Shopkeepers by providing insightful wisdom and guidance on running a successful business and the “how-to” logistics thereof.

This person will also serve as a direct liaison between the Market and locally underserved communities such as BIPOC, veterans, people with disabilities, women, and LGBTQ people to create an equitable development agenda for the future growth and development of NewBo City Market and its consumers.

Additionally, NewBo City Market utilizes a series of programmatic resources called The Hatchery. This program will consist of business consulting services and monthly mentorship meetings with the Director of Equitable Business Development.

This new position will foster the development of Market Shopkeepers and contribute to the Market’s mission of being a place that creates opportunities for entrepreneurship among diverse populations.

NewBo City Market is located in the historic New Bohemia neighborhood of Cedar Rapids.

For nine years it has been a staple for community development and revitalization and the new Director of Equitable Business Development will thrive in a space of opportunity and diversity, that is NewBo City Market. You can learn more about the position here!

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