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Why do you support the Market?

As a nonprofit organization, NewBo City Market relies heavily on its generous and loyal donors to continue its mission as a business incubator and community event space.

We asked some of our most loyal supporters why they choose to continue their support of NewBo City Market.

Mary Ann Peters has been supporting the Market and its mission since we first opened in 2012. Recently, she became a monthly donor.

"I am glad to support NewBo City Market with a modest monthly donation," Mary Ann said. "The challenges of the pandemic on local entrepreneurs and the Market concern me. I lived in the neighborhood before the Market opened. I witnessed how it has stimulated the economic and social life of Cedar Rapids' most interesting neighborhoods, the Czech/NewBo Mainstreet District where visitors and locals come for its variety and events."

Not only does she donate, Mary Ann also regularly patronizes the Shopkeepers within the Market. Gathering every Wednesday for coffee and conversation with a group of friends at Roasters Coffee House.

"I still live in and enjoy this area," Mary Ann said. "Long may the Market thrive!"

David and Lijun Chadima, owners of the Thorland Company, are also devoted supporters of NewBo City Market. Their building, the Cherry Building, partners with the Market on a variety of events and community offerings.

"We are enthusiastic supporters of the NewBo City Market because we share the same core values and vision for the NewBo District," Lijun said.

According to her, these core values include community enrichment through diverse culinary and cultural offerings, entrepreneurial development through the support of local start-up businesses and community engagement as a center for healthy activities and cultural performances.

In order to accomplish all these offerings the Market also relies on dedicated volunteers.

Chris Wand, now a Friend of the Market, has patronized and volunteered at countless NewBo City Market events throughout the years.

"I support the NewBo City Market because it is a vital part of the success and vibrancy of the New Bohemia and Czech Village neighborhoods," Chris said. "The organization and its staff remain constantly focused on satisfying their mission of serving a wide spectrum of people and organizations by hosting events and activities that not only provide customers for the market vendors but for the area as a whole."

This year, Chris continued to volunteer and became a Friend of the Market by donating to the Market's mission.

"I know my financial contributions, though small, assist them in carrying out this mission and my participation in their events as a volunteer hopefully allows them to spend their valuable time planning for the next big thing."


These are just a few of the Market's most loyal supporters. Will you join them in becoming a Friend of NewBo City Market?

Click here to learn more about contributing to our mission.

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Pork Lyly
Pork Lyly
Apr 26

A compliment from me and slice masters, more businesses should operate in a non-profit form like this one.


Jan 12

Covid has damaged all businesses, especially small businesses. Cafes have closed, leaving us without drinks, beauty salons, leaving us without deep facial cleansing, catering restaurants,... I am really pleased with understanding people who are willing to help in times of need.

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