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Help us keep Cedar Rapids vibrant and thriving!

Dear NewBo City Market Friends & Supporters,

Have you visited the Market recently and noticed the shift in the vibe around here? We sure have!

With the return of our summer programming and six new Shopkeepers joining our incubator, we look around and see everything we envisioned for the future of the Market so many months ago.

Donations continue to help the Market support our Shopkeepers and launch expansion initiatives, like The Hatchery, that help us elevate our space and our mission. Everything we do as a nonprofit incubator, from producing our programs to maintaining the Market Yard and building, we do to support the more than 20 entrepreneurs that call the Market "home." Many of the free events and amenities at the Market were made possible by our generous individual donors and the Friends of NewBo City Market. These supporters have gone the extra mile for our organization and shown their appreciation for what NewBo City Market has to offer. Thanks to them, our Shopkeeper family has expanded. Thanks to them, our free summer programming continues to enrich our community. Thanks to them, we are still here and will be for years to come. Will you join them in supporting our mission?

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