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How to make the most of your modified Meet Me at the Market experience

Meet Me at the Market, NewBo City Market's weekly summertime health and wellness program, has begun its 2020 season in a new way. The program has been revised to help participants connect, get fit, and most importantly stay safe while doing so.

This week NewBo City Market released its first social-distancing inspired routes and fitness class live-streams for Meet Me at the Market 2020 on Facebook.

2020 participation in Meet Me at the Market can happen solo or with your "quaran-team" anytime throughout the week. Download the routes or tune in to the live-streams to participate.

If you find yourself missing the Meet Me at the Market of years past, here are some fun ways you can elevate your Meet Me at the Market experience and support small business this summer.

Coffee to go

Start a weekend morning off with a yummy treat in hand and a Meet Me at the Market walk.

Roasters Coffee House is currently open for carry-out, which means you can sip some delicious coffee as you stroll along the route. Their hours are Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday through Sunday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m.

Order dinner

Did you know you could burn more than 300 calories on a six-mile bike ride? Why not replenish those calories with some awesome local eats?

Several Market Shopkeepers are currently offering carry-out lunch and dinner. Find a list of Shopkeepers here and call ahead to set a pickup time. Then, pickup your dinner after your route and head home to enjoy.

Take out some brews

Although NewBo Beer and Wine is not serving up brews to be enjoyed on-site, local Iowa beer and wine can be bought at the Gift Shop and be thoroughly enjoyed at home. Take home a six pack, along with your lunch or dinner, to reward yourself after your workout.

Share a memory

Meet Me at the Market has always been a program with a focus on health, wellness and socializing. The NewBo City Market wants to maintain the social aspect of this program virtually.

If you take part in a Meet Me at the Market provided activity this summer, be sure to snap a picture. Then, share that picture on social media, check-in at the Market and don't forget to use #meetmecr2020.

Sharing your participation in Meet Me at the Market could help NewBo City Market continue this free program for years to come.

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Oct 18, 2023
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