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Your Donation Will Help Save Local Business

Amanda Steines, owner of Roasters Coffee House at NewBo City Market, said she wasn't sure how the pandemic would effect her business.

"The lockdown was extremely challenging on a personal level... There were a lot of unknowns with how the business was going to be effected," Amanda said. "It ended up being totally okay, which I could not be more grateful for."

Thanks to the support Amanda and her business received from NewBo City Market, Roasters Coffee House is not only surviving the pandemic, it is firing on all cylinders.

In a time where many established local businesses are closing their doors indefinitely. Roasters Coffee House has been able to continue operating, expanding and serving their loyal customers safely, inside Newbo City Market.

"I can't say enough how great it is to be (at the Market) and to have support constantly... This is a really beautiful and tight-knit community. Not only the Shopkeepers and the staff but also the patrons." – Amanda Steines Roasters Coffee House

NewBo City Market will always strive to be a guiding force for the small local businesses that call the Market home. In order to continue our mission, we need you to donate and become a Friend of the Market to help us support our Shopkeepers during this uncertain time.

We hope you’ll consider donating to support our mission to lower barriers for diverse entrepreneurs and create a launch pad for startup and early-stage businesses that have a distinct focus on local products.

Your support could help a small local business, like Roasters, survive through this pandemic! Will you become a Friend of the Market?

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