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Welcome Grandma's Root Cellar; our newest Shopkeeper

Kellie Kesselring has been a professional chef for a decade, but has been canning and practicing food preservation her whole life.

Her new business, Grandma's Root Cellar, which opened at NewBo City Market in June, is a celebration of her canning roots as well as her love for experimentation.

As its name suggests, Grandma's Root Cellar takes its inspiration from Kellie's grandmother, Orlane, and great-grandmother, Maxine.

In her new space, Kellie, also known by many as "Chef Mama K," makes canned goodies of all types, such as jams and hot sauces. She also offers vegan and vegetarian lunch specials.

Kellie also collaborates with fellow NewBo City Market Shopkeepers on a regular basis. Her jams can often be found in Torch Kitchen and Hangry Lady specials.

"NewBo City Market is where I wanted to start because of the guaranteed foot traffic," Kellie said about starting her business at the Market. "I feel like I have a leg up."

As a NewBo City Market Shopkeeper, Kellie and her business will connect with thousands of customers each and every week.

Shopkeepers like her are the heart of the Market. They are a community of entrepreneurs, developing both their products and skills to scale up and launch new businesses throughout Eastern Iowa. With every successful venture comes the opportunity for new businesses to open inside the Market, so we are constantly searching for that “next big thing at NewBo.”

Are you ready to start your business at NewBo City Market? Click here to get started!


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